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Time tracking for contractors

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Accurately measure your most expensive resource: your employees’ time. Don’t guess and under or overcharge your clients.


Employees use their own smartphones. Owners get an overview in a single place of projects and employee hours on the website.


You can count on us. Personal support by the founders. Reliability and availability is our top priority.


"Easy, user friendly, simple and comfortable to use."

Ágúst Garðarsson
Master Painter, ÁG Málun ehf.
Started February 2018

"Great timesaver at the end of every month."

Eva Rós Gústafsdóttir
Founder of Veisluþjónar ehf. planning & catering
Started February 2018

About Tímavera

Tímavera is a time tracking system that uses employee's smartphones to clock in & out in a timeclock app.

The system has two parts:

Owners or managers get a company account to the website where a good overview is given for the number of hours clocked per employees and projects. Reports with simple overtime calculations if needed are offered on the websites. New users and projects are created on the website.

The app

Screenshot of the login screen in the Tímavera app. Inputs for company name, employee username and password. Red sign in button.
Screenshot of list of projects in the Tímavera app. Each project is a big red button. Projects shown are Project A, Jobsite B, Contract C. In the upper left corner is a cog icon that shows the settings screen. In the upper right corner is a triple equals icon that shows employees their time entries.
Screenshot of the Tímavera app where an employee is clocked into Project A. The time elapsed is 03:13:37. A big red button labeled Clock Out is in the center. A smaller Add comment button is below.
Screenshot of adding a comment to a time entry in the Tímavera app. The comment being added to Project A is 'Foundation complete. Bought materials worth $1337'.
Screenshot of the Tímavera app showing a list of 3 time entries.
Screenshot of the Tímavera app showing a detail screen of a single time entry. Duration: 7 hours. Start time: 08:00, Wed 4 Jan 2023. End time: 15:00, Wed 4 Jan 2023. Project A. Comments: Foundation complete. Bought materials for $1337.

The problems Tímavera is designed to solve:

  1. Similar solutions are often more complex with too many features.
  2. No extra equipment nor a physical setup is required. Simply website access, employees use their own phones
  3. The system displays employee geo-locations (if enabled by the employee) when they clock in and for what project. Ensures transparency for clients, employers and the employees.
  4. Employees can write comments to work log entries. For example if an employee forgot to clock in or out, if any material was bought, and so on.

The time tracking system is in active development. We have and will always prioritise simplicity, functionality and reliability.

Screenshot of the Tímavera website dashboard. List of time entries by employees on different projects.

Screenshot from the Tímavera website dashboard


Images can be uploaded while an employee is clocked in. Common use cases:

  • Project work in progress images.
  • Photos that document and prove if unforeseen circumstances arose. For example if more work is required than anticipated by a contract which might lead to additional fees.
  • Proof of proper work completion. Useful in the event of a dispute or where other contractors ruined your work.
  • Images of invoices as a reminder to which project it belongs so that the extra expense is charged correctly and not forgotten.

Full Control

Managers can grant select employees an extra permission to manually add or edit time entries in the app. Useful for a workflow where the day's work is entered in at the end of day or to correct time entries if they forgot to clock in our out.



per month
1 - 4 employees


per month
5 - 24 employees


per month
25 - 49 employees


per month
50 - 200 employees

Free 14 day trial
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60 day refunds

The subscription can be paid in EUR, USD, GBP and 23 other currencies. Prices above do not include VAT or sales tax, which may be added if required.

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Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like some assistance with the setup of the time tracking system and timeclock app that Tímavera offers.




+354 539 5118

Personal mobile numbers if needed:
Jón Hafdal: +354 770 1532
Finnbogi: +354 695 3384
Ólafur: +354 772 7895

About the company

Tímavera ehf. was founded in May 2017 by four Icelanders: two software developers and two master painters who were the first users of the system. Finnbogi and Jón Hafdal had both operated their own painting businesses for years, but were not satisfied with the time tracking systems they were using. Ólafur built the first iteration of the website and then he recruited Jón Rúnar to build the mobile app. Word spread and other contracting companies joined in as they saw their needs met in a simpler system.

Ólafur Magnússon

Ólafur Magnússon

Co-Founder & Developer

Jón Rúnar Helgason

Jón Rúnar Helgason

Co-Founder & Developer

Finnbogi Þorsteinsson

Co-Founder & Master Painter

Jón Hafdal Sigurðarson

Co-Founder & Master Painter

Other Testimonials

"Incredibly valuable to get a reliable overview at the end of the month."

Eyþór Bergvinsson
EB Málun ehf.
Started November 2017

"It is pretty clear that I will recommend Tímavera to everyone I know in my business... The system, not to mention your support..."

Smári Eiríksson
Selhóll byggingafélag ehf.
Feb 2020 to May 2023

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